boku wa ayashii kimi no mono mind games for mobile

boku wa ayashii kimi no mono mind games for mobile\

Mobile games have the function of entertaining all kinds of audiences

But today, there are also other types of free mobile games , which in addition to entertaining the user, serve to increase intelligence and memory.

With games to exercise your memory you improve and you do not lose your cognitive abilities

The set of mental abilities allows us to have our own identity, solve simple or complex problems, detect and process different information and adapt to the environment that surrounds us. But these capacities, if we do not exercise them, do not remain alive in our brain from birth to death.

For this reason, it is of great importance to invest our time in constantly exercising our mind. Mental games are ideal to exercise our mind and  to keep our mental abilities alive and thus not lose our cognitive abilities.  

In today’s post we are going to mention two free mobile games that are useful for improving brain capacity and also help us to have an entertaining moment and keep our mental agility stable. These types of free mobile games are recommended for adults or seniors.

The first  free  mobile  brain  training  game is A Clockwork Brain Training . This game, for those who don’t know it, represents a union between the puzzle and the mental game.

The game stands out for the scenario it presents, the graphics 

All the elements that appear on the scene. All these elements encompass a Victorian Mayan and Steampunk style. The game has 17 levels where the player must manage to put the challenges afloat to increase cognitive abilities, memory capacity and memory in general. The player can play in multiple ways such as time trial, self-paced, Insane Round difficulty, daily practices with Daily Boos, drills in 10 languages, and more. A Clockwork Brain Training has the first levels available for free on both iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Another example of a free mobile game useful   for training mental agility is  Fit Brain Trainer  available for iOS and Android. This game is perfect for older people, because it exercises other mental aspects that not only have to do with memory.

If what you want is to exercise your mind and improve your cognitive ability,

you no longer have excuses with these two games. They offer us a wide range full of possibilities, where we can learn to increase the capacities of our brain.

Boku wa ayashii kimi no mono. I am your eerie one. The one who is always just out of reach, the one who is always just beyond your grasp. I am the one who lurks in the shadows, the one who watches you from the dark. I am the one who knows all your secrets, the one who knows all your fears. I am the one who knows what you really are, and I am not afraid to use that knowledge against you. I am your worst nightmare, and I will never let you go.

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