Lake Bell and Thomas Lennon Spotted in Cute Pics

Lake Bell and Thomas Lennon Spotted in Cute Pics

Lake Bell’s Career

The two appeared to be getting along well, laughing and joking as they walked around town. Lake is currently starring in the new comedy series I Love Dick on Amazon Prime Video. Thomas Lennon has been seen on TV recently in roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Master of None.

Thomas Lennon as Nicky in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In recent photos taken at the premiere of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it’s clear that Thomas Lennon has reprised his role as Nicky in the film. The two stars appear to be enjoying each other’s company and seem to be having a lot of fun.

Bell and Lennon first starred together in the 2007 mockumentary I Love You, Man. Since then they’ve collaborated on roles in the films Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Adventureland.

The Evolution of Lake Bell

Lake Bell has been very vocal about her love life recently, revealing that she is in a relationship with singer/songwriter Ben Folds. Recently, Lake also opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression, which she attributes to her image as a Hollywood star.

The Four Faces of Lake Bell

It’s been a little over a year since Lake Bell and Thomas Lennon last interacted in person. The former “Parks and Recreation” star was spotted out and about in Los Angeles earlier this month with her handsome beau, and the pictures just keep on coming.

In one Instagram shot , the couple can be seen sitting at a table at an eatery, with Lennon leaning over to give his girlfriend a peck on the cheek. Another snapshot sees them cuddled up on a couch together, looking very affectionate as they share a laugh.

Considering how busy both of their lives seem to be right now, it’s great to see them out and about enjoying each other’s company once again!

What is the Future of Lake Bell?

The future of Lake Bell is looking pretty bright. The actress was recently spotted out and about with her boyfriend, Thomas Lennon, and they looked cute as can be. In addition to being together, the two were also seen at a restaurant holding hands. It’s clear that these two are very happy and in love. It’s great to see such a positive engagement update for Lake Bell!


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