The Name of the Heroine in Mr. Majnu Movie

The Name of the Heroine in Mr. Majnu Movie

What is the Name of the Heroine in Mr. Majnu Movie?

The name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu movie is Parvati. She is a kind and loving girl who always takes care of her family and friends. She is also a talented singer and dancer.

How the name is a Role Model to Someone?

The name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu movie is a role model to someone. The name of the heroine is Preity Zinta and she is an actress, producer and singer. Preity started her career with modelling and then moved on to acting in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam films. She has also worked in a few Bollywood movies.

Preity has always been a role model to women. She has spoken about feminism and has shown that it can be successful both in personal life and in professional life. She has inspired many women to pursue their dreams and has shown that it is possible to achieve anything that you want if you work hard for it.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu movie is very interesting. The meaning behind her name is quite mysterious and has been kept hidden from the public till date.

According to some sources, the name of the heroine, played by Shruti Haasan, is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Majnu’. Majnu is one of the key deities of Hinduism and is considered as one of the most powerful deities. He is also known as ‘the gentle god’. Interestingly, the word ‘Majnu’ also means ‘to make happy’.

Therefore, it can be inferred that the name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu movie symbolizes happiness and peace. Additionally, the word ‘Majnu’ also has a beautiful sound to it and seems to fit perfectly with Shruti Haasan’s persona as an actress.

The Significance of Other Names in the Story

When one thinks of the story of Mr. Majnu, they likely think of the title character – Mr. Majnu. However, when one looks at the original title of the story, they may not even realize that there is another name in the story that is just as important: Paro.

Paro is the name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu, and she is arguably one of the most important characters in the entire story. Paro is a young girl who is searching for her identity and purpose in life. She is forced to flee her home after being accused of witchcraft by her cruel stepmother, and she eventually meets Mr. Majnu on the road.

Mr. Majnu helps Paro get back on her feet, and she eventually starts working for him as his assistant. Paro is a brave heroine who stands up for what she believes in, even when it means standing up to powerful figures such as Mr. Majnu’s boss.

Overall, Paro is an inspiring character who teaches others about their own potential and how to reach their goals no matter what obstacles they may face. Her story is a powerful reflection on the importance of self-acceptance and empowerment, and it will resonate with


The name of the heroine in Mr. Majnu movie is not revealed in the movie. However, according to sources, she is played by Prachi Desai and her role is to add balance to Majnu’s life and help him rediscover his purpose.


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