The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands


There are a lot of reasons to buy eco-friendly jewelry. For one, it’s better for the environment. Eco-friendly jewelry is made with sustainable materials that have a lower impact on the planet. And, because it’s made with sustainable materials, it’s often more affordable than traditional jewelry.

Eco-friendly jewelry is also usually ethically sourced. That means the materials used to make the jewelry are sourced from suppliers who adhere to fair labor practices. This is important to consider if you’re looking to buy eco-friendly jewelry, as you’ll want to make sure the people who made your jewelry were treated fairly.

When it comes to eco-friendly jewelry brands, there are a few that stand out. One of the best is Britten Pecan. Britten Pecan makes beautiful eco-friendly jewelry that is both stylish and affordable. Their pieces are made with sustainable materials like recycled sterling silver and recycled copper. And, all of their pieces are handmade by artisans in the United States. Another great eco-friendly jewelry brand is Monique Pansardieux Jewelry. Monique Pansardieux Jewelry makes stunning pieces that are all made with recycled materials. Their pieces are

Zero Pollution:

There are many reasons to choose eco-friendly jewelry. One of the most important is that it doesn’t pollute the environment. Traditional jewelry is often made with harmful chemicals and metals that can end up in the air, water, and soil. This can cause problems for both people and animals. Eco-friendly jewelry is made without these harmful materials, so it’s much better for the environment.

Another reason to choose eco-friendly jewelry is that it’s often more sustainable than traditional jewelry. Sustainable jewelry is made to last longer and doesn’t use up as many resources as traditional jewelry. This means that it has a smaller environmental impact overall.

Eco-friendly jewelry is also often more affordable than traditional jewelry. This is because it doesn’t use rare or expensive materials. Instead, eco-friendly jewelry brands use sustainable materials that are easy to find and relatively cheap to produce. This makes eco-friendly jewelry a great option for people who want to save money and be more environmentally conscious.

There are many great eco-friendly jewelry brands out there. Some of the best include Pansy Co., Soko, and Mata Traders. These brands all make beautiful, sustainable, and affordable eco-friendly jewelry.

Good Energy:

Good Energy is one of the best eco-friendly jewelry brands. Their jewelry is made with recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds. Good Energy is also a certified B Corporation, which means they meet high standards of social and environmental performance.

2. Brilliant Earth:

Brilliant Earth is another great eco-friendly jewelry brand. Their jewelry is made with recycled gold and silver, and they offer a wide selection of conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds. Brilliant Earth is also a certified B Corporation.

3. Stone & Strand:

Stone & Strand is a great option for eco-friendly jewelry. Their jewelry is made with recycled gold and silver, and they use ethical sourcing standards for their diamonds. Stone & Strand is also a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, which is an organization that promotes sustainable fashion practices.

4. Soko:

Soko is a fantastic eco-friendly jewelry brand. Their jewelry is made from recycled brass, and they use fair trade practices to source their materials. Soko is also a certified B Corporation.

5. Goldie:

Goldie is another excellent eco-friendly jewelry brand. Their jewelry is made with recycled

Renewable Materials:

There are a few different types of eco-friendly jewelry brands. Some brands use recycled materials, while others use renewable materials.

Recycled materials are materials that have been used before and would otherwise end up in a landfill. Recycling these materials reduces waste and helps to preserve the environment. Some eco-friendly jewelry brands that use recycled materials include Reclaimed Vintage and Soko.

Renewable materials are materials that come from sustainable sources. These materials can be replenished after they are used. Some examples of renewable materials include bamboo and cork. Eco-friendly jewelry brands that use renewable materials include Boma and Vitality Athletics.

Overall, eco-friendly jewelry brands are good for the environment. They help to reduce waste and preserve natural resources.

Sustainable Practices

There are a number of eco-friendly jewelry brands that are committed to sustainable practices. One such brand is Brilliant Earth. Brilliant Earth only sources conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, and they use recycled gold and silver in their jewelry. They also have a program called “Trade Up”, which allows customers to trade in their old jewelry for new pieces.

another eco-friendly jewelry brand is Mata Hari. Mata Hari focuses on using sustainable materials like recycled sterling silver, recycled copper, and recycled brass. They also use ethically sourced gemstones, and they avoid using harmful chemicals in their jewelry.

Eco-friendly jewelry brands like Brilliant Earth and Mata Hari are committed to sustainable practices. Their use of recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones helps to protect the environment. And their commitment to avoiding harmful chemicals helps to keep people safe. So when you buy from these brands, you can be sure that you’re doing your part to help the planet.


Eco-friendly jewelry is a great way to accessorize while also supporting sustainable practices. We love these 8 eco-friendly jewelry brands for their stylish and sustainable pieces. Do you have a favorite eco-friendly jewelry brand? Let us know in the comments below!


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