How To Clean a Silver Coin

how to clean a silver coin

Silver coins are the oldest mass-produced form of coinage, dating back to the times of the Ancient Greeks. Today, silver coins are a popular collector’s item, with their value determined by factors such as condition, rarity, demand, and the original number of coins minted.

If you are interested in collecting coins, it’s important to understand how to clean a silver coin. In this blog post, we will highlight the steps you can take to clean silver coins, including gentle cleaning methods and harsh cleaning methods. Let’s get started!

Gentle Cleaning Methods

Generally, you should avoid handling rare silver coins. Therefore, when you do need to clean them, you should at least first opt for a gentle cleaning method. When holding a silver coin, always hold it by the edge while wearing lint-free cotton gloves.

Soak the coin in a glass of warm distilled water with mild soap. Leave the coin to soak, turning it over every few hours. Every day, replace the water in the glass and repeat this process until the coin is clean.

Once you have removed the coin, remove it and dry carefully using a paper towel (pat the coin, don’t rub it). You may also wish to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge any loose dirt.

Another option, if the coin is still dirty, is to soak it once more and then freeze it in a plastic container. As the water expands, it may work to break off the dirt that is underneath. One other option is to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Harsh Cleaning Methods

If a gentle cleaning approach has not worked and you aren’t able to have it professionally cleaned, you may be able to try some harsher methods.

For example, after washing your coin in soapy water, you can use a toothpick to pick away at this dirt. Remember to be very careful not to scratch the coin.

You may also rub the coin with silver polish, which helps to brighten coins. This isn’t recommended with very rare or valuable coins, as it is likely to damage the value. As a last resort, you can use an extra-harsh treatment by soaking the coin in a fifty-fifty mix of lemon juice and distilled water for 1 hour.

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How To Clean a Silver Coin

The history of silver coins dates back thousands of years. They were popular in part because of how durable and long-lasting they are, given that a silver coin is not subject to decay. That said, cleaning a silver coin requires knowledge and great care, so we recommend that you follow the above silver coin cleaning tips.

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