When Is Ariana Grande's Birthday? Here’s When The Singer Has Turned 27

When Is Ariana Grande’s Birthday? Here’s When The Singer Has Turned 27



When Is Ariana Grande’s Birthday?

Ariana Grande's Birthday
Ariana Grande’s Birthday

Ariana Grande’s birthday is on May 26th. This means that the singer turns 22 years old on that day.

2. Ariana Grande’s Age Has Changed Multiple Times
Ariana Grande has had a few birthdays in her life. At first, she was born on October 25th. However, her official birthday was changed to May 26th in 2018.

3. Ariana Grande’s Famous Parents Played Important Roles In Her Career
Ariana Grande’s famous parents are both singers: her mother is Frankie Grande and her father is Pete Davidson. Ariana Grande started her career as a backup dancer for her parents’ tours. She eventually went solo and became one of the most popular singers in the world.

How Old Is Ariana Grande Now?

Ariana Grande Now?
Ariana Grande Now?

Ariana Grande has just turned 25 years old. Here’s a look back at her birthday, when the singer turned what is essentially a young adult milestone into an international event.

Grande’s birthday falls on May 26th this year. To celebrate, Grande hosted a star-studded bash at the NYC flagship of New York City nightclub 1 Oak in the early hours of May 25th. The event was live-streamed on Grande’s official Instagram account and drew in well over 100,000 concurrent viewers at its peak.

In addition to performances by fellow “The Voice” coaches Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus and John Legend, the night saw appearances from stars like Victoria Beckham (who gave Grande an impromptu make-up tutorial), Kim Kardashian West and Big Sean. There were also reports that Drake and Kylie Jenner may have made an unannounced appearance.

Grande has previously spoken about her love of April Fool’s Day, joking that she “hates [her] birthday” but “loves April Fool’s Day.” Accordingly, it seems likely that another big party will be held in her honour on or around May 26th this year.

When Was Ariana Grande Born?

Ariana Grande was born on May 23, 1993. This makes her 25 years old today.

2. What Is Ariana Grande’s Sign?
Ariana Grande’s sign is Virgo. This means that she is disciplined, analytical, and detail-oriented. It also means that she is good at organizing and managing her time.

3. What Does Ariana Grande Like To Do For Fun?
Ariana Grande likes to spend her free time performing and recording music. She has released eight studio albums and has won several awards, including five Grammy Awards.

How Old is Ariana Grande on Different Days of the Year?

Ariana Grande’s birthday is on May 21st. Here’s how old she will be on different days of the year:

May 21: 20 years old
June 19: 21 years old
July 17: 22 years old
August 14: 23 years old
September 11th: 24 years old
October 9th: 25 years old

How Can You Celebrate Ariana Grande’s Birthday on a Certain Day?

Ariana Grande’s birthday is on May 23. However, her exact birthday is unknown because she does not typically share it publically. Therefore, there is no one definitive way to celebrate her birthday on that day. If you want to celebrate her birthday in a special way, you can do so by buying her a gift or sending her a message.


Ariana Grande’s birthday is December 5th, which means if you’re looking to celebrate the singer’s special day, it’s not too late! Here is a list of some of Ariana Grande’s favorite events and restaurants in the area where you can cozy up with friends and family and enjoy some delicious food. So whether or not you want to admit it, you’re probably already celebrating Ariana Grande’s birthday in your own way – let us know in the comments below what kind of celebrations you have planned!



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