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Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom: What Are the Differences?

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Photo editing is part of digital marketing and you might be tired of taking time editing your photos and they still don’t turn out quite right. A good photo editing program allows you to not only edit your photos, it will also allow you to approach editing with a fresh surge of creativity.

Does Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom seem a bit confusing right now?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand the differences between the various Adobe Lightroom editions! Let’s get started!

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a program for viewing, editing, and managing digital photos. Features may include the ability to organize photos into albums, create slideshows, and make adjustments to photos such as exposure, color, and contrast. It also offers a variety of ways to share photos, including email, social media, and printing.

It is important to learn about Lightroom presets to further elevate your skills.

What is Adobe Lightroom Classic?

So what is a Lightroom classic? It is an image processing software that enables one to make global and local changes to their photos. It is a powerful tool for editing photos and has many features that Lightroom lacks.

For example, Lightroom Classic has a dedicated Raw converter that gives the user more control over their image.

Differences in the User Interface

In Lightroom Classic, the interface is more geared towards editing photos, with the main editing tools in the right panel. Lightroom has a more simplified interface with a focus on organization and presentation. Lightroom Classic is a desktop application while Lightroom is a cloud-based application.

Lightroom Classic gives you more control over your photos. And, allows you to edit them in a more traditional way using tools such as curves and levels. Lightroom is more focused on streamlining your photo editing process and makes it easier to share your photos with others.

It also has some extra features, such as the ability to create slideshows and web galleries. Lightroom Classic is a more traditional desktop application, whereas Lightroom is a newer, cloud-based application. Lightroom Classic offers more advanced editing features than Lightroom.

It’s the preferred choice for power users. This can be used offline, whereas Lightroom requires an internet connection.

Which Is Best for You?

It depends on your needs and preferences when you choose the right one for you. If you want complete control over your workflow and will invest the time to learn all the features and tools, Lightroom Classic is best for you.

Lightroom emphasizes speed and efficiency. It streamlines your workflow by automating many of the tasks that are done in Lightroom Classic. It’s a good choice for those who want to edit less and more time shooting.

Know This Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom Differences

You might wonder what the difference is between Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom. Well, Lightroom is perfect for basic photo editing, while Lightroom Classic offers a more comprehensive set of tools for advanced users. We recommend trying Lightroom first if you’re getting started with photo editing.

But if you’re looking for more control and flexibility, Lightroom Classic might be a better fit. Make sure you research some Lightroom Classic guides before making your choice.

Interested in learning useful information? Check out our blog for more Lightroom Classic tips!


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