Legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl:

legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl

What is the manga Legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl?

The manga Legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl is about a boy who comes to Montreal in search of revenge. He has a plan and he is not afraid to go through with it.

The manga is set in the 1920s and it follows the boy as he makes his way through the city, seeking out those who wronged him. He is determined to take them down and make them suffer.

The manga is full of action and adventure and it is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end. If you are looking for a manga that will take you on an exciting journey, then look no further than Legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl.

About the Protagonist

legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl
legendary youngest son of the marquis house chapter 5 mtl

The protagonist is the youngest son of the marquis house and has a goal of revenge.

2. Setting

The story takes place in a world where revenge is the only thing that matters. The protagonist comes to this world looking for someone who wronged him in the past.

3. Characters

The characters in the story include the protagonist, his brother, and their father. The protagonist’s brother is also after revenge and their father is trying to keep them both from harm.


As the eldest son of the Marquis of Walthamstow, Jeremy had always believed that he would one day inherit his father’s title and estate.

However, when his father died suddenly in a hunting accident, Jeremy was left with nothing. He was forced to take a job working for his uncle as an estate manager, and he soon became resentful of the life he was living.

One day, while out riding on his horse, Jeremy encountered a group of people who were illegally hunting in the forest near his uncle’s estate. Furious at their audacity, Jeremy rode after them determined to exact revenge.

Years later, when Jeremy finally inherited his uncle’s estate, he began planning his revenge against the people who had wronged him. He began to study law so that he could have the power to punish those who had hurt him.

Jeremy’s story is a foreshadowing of what will happen in the novel’s climax. In this scene, we see that Jeremy is motivated by revenge rather than any sense of justice or morality. However, in the end, Jeremy is defeated by the greater good.

Plot of the Manga

The manga “Kimi no Na Wa” follows the story of a young man named Hana, who is the youngest son of the marquis house. When Hana was young, his father was killed in a massacre and he was taken in by the family of the person who killed his father.

Years later, Hana returns to Japan to seek revenge on the people who killed his father. He meets a girl named Miki, who helps him on his quest. Together, they travel across Japan in search of people who have hurt or wronged Hana in the past.

“Kimi no Na Wa” is a well-written and gripping manga that will leave readers wanting more. It is an excellent example of shonen manga, which are manga focused on action and adventure.

Author’s Take on Interesting Moments in the Manga

I came here with only the goal of revenge in mind. When I was younger, my father was killed by my older brother, who then took over our family’s marquis house. I swore that one day, I would avenge him.

That day finally arrived when I tracked down my brother and challenged him to a duel. He refused, so I had him thrown into prison. It was there that I first met Toga-san, the head prison guard. He showed me kindness and taught me about the ways of the prison world.

Eventually, my brother escaped from prison and came after me again. This time, I was prepared for him and fought back with all of my strength. In the end, I claimed victory and avenged my father’s death.

Throughout the manga, there are several interesting moments that make it an enjoyable read. These include Toga-san teaching me about the ways of the prison world, my fight against my brother, and finally claiming victory and avenging my father’s death.


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