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UB Hub?

The UB Hub is a new student engagement and marketing initiative at the University of Buffalo. It’s a website and app that students can use to access housing, dining, and campus services. The Hub also helps students find scholarships and internships.

The UB Hub: A Brief Overview


The University of Buffalo’s (UB) Hub is a student-run organization that aims to connect students with resources and opportunities on campus. The Hub offers a variety of services, including its website, which offers information about classes, clubs, internships, and more. Additionally, the Hub offers various social events, such as movie nights and ice cream socials, to connect students with each other.

How Do We Help Ambassadors?

We want to help ambassadors in many ways! Here are a few ideas:
-Providing resources, such as blog posts and articles, to help them learn more about their role and how they can best serve their campus community.
-Encouraging them to join or start groups on campus that focus on their ambassador role and providing support.
-Helping connect them with other campus leaders who can provide guidance and resources.

Ambassador Activities

The UB Hub Ambassador Program provides opportunities for students to engage with the University of Buffalo community through service and advocacy. In addition to hosting campus-wide events, the ambassador program works to connect students with local businesses and organizations in order to broaden their knowledge and experience.

Through the ambassador program, students have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the UB community, meet new people, and create lasting relationships that can help them when they graduate and start their careers. In addition, the program offers resources such as education opportunities, mentorship, and networking opportunities. For more information or to become an ambassador for the University of Buffalo,

How You Can Help the UB Hu

The University of Buffalo is a large institution that spans across multiple campuses in the Buffalo, New York area. While much of the work done by UB departments and offices is important and necessary, some smaller projects could use your help. Here are four ways you can help the UB Hu:

1. Donate money to support the university’s initiatives. In addition to supporting general operations, UB Hu also funds several specific initiatives. If you’re interested in donating money to a specific cause or program, please visit the website to learn more about each one.

2. Volunteer for UB Hu-related projects. The Hub offers opportunities for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, from data entry to event planning and more. You don’t even need any previous experience! Simply register online and find out more about what’s available.

3. Connect with UB Hu on social media. The Hub has a presence on both Twitter and Facebook, where you can share news, events, and other information with your followers. You can also join conversations about specific topics or ask questions directly to members of the team.

4. Show your support for the Hub by using its resources. The Hub


The UB Hub is a website that provides great resources for students and alumni of the University of Buffalo. From course catalogs to study abroad information, the UB Hub offers something for everyone. If you are looking to connect with others who share your interests, or if you are just looking for some helpful tips and advice, the UB Hub website is a great place to start. Thanks for reading!


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