The Different Types of Dental Treatments That Exist Today

dental treatments

Many people smile an average of 20 times a day. Your smile is the brightest thing about you, so it’s important to take care of it properly.

Going to the dentist can ensure that your smile receives the care it needs. But what kind of treatments are out there that will help?

We’ve made a list of the different types of dental treatments that exist. Read on to find out more!

Why Should I Go to the Dentist?

Sometimes, people like to think that if they regularly brush their teeth and floss, they won’t need a trip to the dentist.

That thinking is false because dentists are trained to see things that you won’t. When they are inspecting and cleaning your teeth, they will spot areas that you missed or issues that are unrelated to brushing and flossing.

Your teeth can become infected or deteriorate if they are not taken care of properly. A dentist can help with that.

Besides regular cleaning, a dentist can also help with cosmetic needs. If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your smile, there are several treatments available to help.

Seeing your dentist can ultimately make a big difference in your health and your confidence. Here are some of the most popular dental treatments that exist.

Teeth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist is important. Normally, you will want to do this every six months. Tartar is a hard plaque that builds up on your teeth, and a simple brushing won’t get it off.

Instead, a dentist will need to take it off with special tools and substances. Getting your teeth cleaned will ensure that your smile stays bright and pearly.


Cavities are tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur for various reasons, from eating acidic or sugary foods or even just not brushing properly. Most of the time, you may not even know when you have a cavity.

That’s why having a routine check-up is important, so your dentist can spot the cavity and fill it with materials that bond to the tooth. If, for some reason, the cavity is beyond filling, the dentist can perform a root canal to save it.

Seeing your dentist can ultimately save your teeth.


Do you feel dissatisfied with the color of your smile? Everyone wants those big pearly whites that shine, but teeth can become discolored over time and look more yellow or gray than white.

If you want your teeth to be whiter, you can ask the dentist about cosmetic tooth whitening. They will use a special solution and lighting to create the desired effect.

Whitening can be a great way to get the smile that you deserve.


Lots of people end up with crooked teeth as they grow throughout their childhood years and into adulthood. Luckily, you aren’t stuck with those crooked teeth.

You can opt for Invisalign, which is a non-invasive and easy way to straighten out your teeth. Braces are a good option too, but if you want something with less hardware that won’t show as much, then Invisalign may be better because it is clear.

If crooked teeth are a problem you have, then correctional treatments like Invisalign can help.


Veneers are a great cosmetic choice if you have discolored or crooked teeth. Veneers place a thin covering over the teeth to conceal the flaws.

If you don’t want to have correctional hardware like braces and Invisalign, then veneers are a solution to correct smaller issues.


Tooth extraction may occur if the tooth is beyond repair and causing danger to your body. While there may be some discomfort during extraction, the dentist will ensure the process goes smoothly and numb the area. Many times, a patient may be put under anesthetic during the procedure too.

Your dentist will take care of you the entire way through.


Dental sealants are a great way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are applied as a liquid that hardens. It places a protective barrier over the teeth. If you are prone to getting cavities and decay, then this may be something to consider.


Dentures are the perfect treatment for those who have lost most of their teeth, and nowadays, they look as natural as normal teeth.

Your dentist can help you get dentures that fit your smile perfectly, so no one will know the difference.

How To Choose a Dentist

How to choose a dentist can be hard to decide. Even after looking at reviews and analyzing everything online about an office, it can be hard to know if you can trust them or not.

Stopping by the dental office can be a good way to inspect the area and get a feel for the people that work there. Ask any questions you need to and ensure that you feel comfortable with scheduling an appointment. You can even ask to talk to the primary dentist so you know ahead of time who you will be seeing.

Choosing the Right Dental Treatments For You

You know all the dental treatments that are out there, so why wait? You can schedule an appointment today with your local dentist and pick a service that suits your needs.

Everyone deserves to have that pearly-white smile. Invest in a little self-care by investing in your teeth! Your smile will be the first thing people notice about you.

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