5 Benefits of Offering New Hire Swag

new hire swag

Around 70% of employees believe culture is more important to a business’s success than having a strategy, which shows how influential it is.

Welcoming new hires with swag is a great way to show that they’re part of the team while raising brand awareness. But, if you’re new to the game, it’s difficult knowing whether it’s worth your company’s time. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’ve heard about how swag is useful and want to learn more.

Sounds like you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the benefits of new hire swag.

1. It Welcomes New Employees

Getting promotional swag for new hires is a fantastic way of welcoming them onboard. We all know how nerve-wracking it is to enter a new job, which is why employers should go the extra mile with their hospitality. Aside from answering queries, organizations should give them a bag of branded gear to show that they’re now part of the family.

2. Raises Brand Awareness

Another benefit of gifting company swag is it continuously raises brand awareness. This is because employees, new and old, will likely don your swag when they’re out and about. Because of this, they’re unconsciously advertising your business with no additional effort.

But to make a splash, don’t go with generic swag ideas. Instead, choose high-quality products like branded power banks or laptop cases.

3. Shows Employees They’re a Long-Term Investment

When you give business swag to a new hire, it shows that they’re special. A simple gift proves that you expect them to stay with you for years to come. Although this can work with branded uniforms, you can personalize and monogram swag as it’s far more thoughtful.

4. Builds Loyalty

Businesses should brainstorm merch ideas for their new hires as it builds loyalty. When you gift an individual branded swag, they automatically feel more connected to your organization. As a result, employees will work harder and stay dedicated to their roles, which is the key to your success.

Further, handing out swag promotes your company’s values. Although you can’t splash this across a t-shirt, you could display it on a notebook or poster that your team can stick on their wall. Or get it printed on the back of a t-shirt that employees can wear during team-building activities.

5. Unites Your Entire Team

Giving new hires promotional products also unites your entire team. If you don’t involve your current employees, it will impact your company culture, which is a deal-breaker for many individuals. To prevent any issues, make sure that you also treat your original team to company swag and they will stay loyal to your organization.

Benefits of New Hire Swag

Hopefully, you’ll now harness the power of new hire swag and reap the many benefits.

There are endless advantages that come with this, such as welcoming them to your business and building loyalty. Businesses can also benefit from this gesture as it unites the entire team and shows that employees are a long-term investment. What’s not to love?

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